“Leaking My Twitter Messages Is A Gross Violation Of My Privacy”


JULIAN ASSANGE has hit out at the people responsible for leaking his private communications with the son of US President Donald Trump, which took place on Twitter, labeling the leak ‘a gross and reprehensible violation of my privacy, something everyone is entitled to’.

Assange, founder of Wikileaks, an organisation that specialises in the leaking of private communications, has been left aghast at the fact individuals leaked his personal exchanges with Donald Trump Jr to news site The Atlantic.

“Cosying up to the Trump family and asking them to make me Australian Ambassador to America is a private exchange that these damaging leakers have shared with the world, we need to bring an end to this practice and the people who carry it out,” Assange said.

The Australian, still presumably wandering the halls of the Ecuadorian Embassy getting in the way, denied claims that his private exchanges with the son of the then Presidential candidate Trump mirrored in any way the underhanded and clandestine practices Wikileaks regularly rails against.

“No, when say, some influential individual gets in contact with a politician and offers to hand over sensitive material which could damage a rival in exchange for future favours, that’s…completely different to what, eh, Julian was, eh trying to… no, you’ve got us there,” confirmed a spokesperson for Wikileaks.

Assange went on to confirm his feelings have been hurt and he has been left very upset.

“I just don’t know why people are so mean, those messages were private,” he added, missing the irony for a 47th successive time.