Waterford Greenway Apologises To Cyclists Who Were Subjected To Views Of Cork


THOSE overseeing the running and maintenance of the 43km stretch of scenic cycling routes known as the Waterford Greenway have apologised unreservedly to a number of keen cyclists who were unwittingly exposed to views of Cork.

“We knew there would be issues like this on clear days, and we can only apologise for not erecting signs warning innocent cyclists who just wanted to get on with a lovely cycle,” explained one local council official, who maintains the discovery of the oversight is the most shameful day in his life.

The rail trail has become a popular spot for cyclists since it opened earlier this year, but it is thought the unintentional visibility of County Cork in the distance on some parts of the route could drastically reduce numbers using the trail.

“For the time being we can only advise tourists and locals to avert their eyes as we draw up plans for an elaborate way to cover up the horrible and unfortunate sight of Cork,” the council official confirmed.

One drastic step already proposed involves erecting a giant blaa near Cork-view black spots.

The otherwise picturesque trail is Ireland’s largest Greenway and takes in Dungarvan, Kilmeaden and Kilmacthomas, with council officials hoping views of Cork don’t have a long term detrimental effect on tourism in Waterford.