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Trump Medical Exam Confirms His 10″ Penis

THE doctor who performed President Donald Trump’s latest medical examination has been called back to the stand, completely of his own free will, to add some remarks about the impressive size of POTUS’s penis. White House doctor Ronny Jackson, who yesterday confirmed that Trump is as tall and as beefy as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, called… Read more »

Trump Cancels Planned Visit To White House

DONALD Trump has taken to Twitter from his full-time residence in Mar-a-Lago in Florida, to announce that he has cancelled an upcoming trip to the White House, in protest at a wide range of decisions made by former President Barack Obama that Trump claims were ‘bad for the goodliness of America’. Although most presidents of the… Read more »

America Agrees To Let Celebrities Handle Things From Now On

HOLLYWOOD stars, TV personalities and chart-topping singers are to take care of politics in the United States from now on, following the trend-setting success of reality television superstar and current POTUS Donald Trump, and the continuing call for celebrities to ‘step up’ for the 2020 election season. The decision was made following calls for Oprah… Read more »

Trump Blasts New Book Over Lack Of Pictures

CURRENT United States president Donald Trump has slammed an incendiary new book detailing his first year in the White House for containing little to no photographs, pending a full review when someone reads the rest of it to him. “Fire & Fury” by journalist Michael Wolff paints a chaotic picture of life in the White… Read more »

North Korea Introduces New Senior Advisor

NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has unveiled his new senior advisor, Steve Bannon, who he claims will help his country to achieve a new level of prosperity under the banner ‘Make North Korea Great Again, Not That It Was Ever Anything Less Than Great To Begin With’. Smiling and wearing a red ‘MNKGANTIWEALTGTBW’ baseball cap,… Read more »

Confused Trump Threatens To Give Palestine AIDS

NOT content with comparing nuclear button sizes with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, a confused US President Donald Trump threatened to give Palestine AIDS in between munching on a family bucket of KFC, WWN can confirm. “Aid? Aides? Aid. Aid! Palestinian aid? AIDS, give them aids,” Trump barked at his White House aides as… Read more »

World Secretly Rooting For North Korea On This One

WITH the threat of nuclear conflict between the United States and North Korea increasing following the latest bout of chest-bumping between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump, a new poll has shown that huge numbers of people are starting to really get behind the plucky little rogue state. The David and Goliath saga took a fresh… Read more »