Trump Cancels Planned Visit To White House


DONALD Trump has taken to Twitter from his full-time residence in Mar-a-Lago in Florida, to announce that he has cancelled an upcoming trip to the White House, in protest at a wide range of decisions made by former President Barack Obama that Trump claims were ‘bad for the goodliness of America’.

Although most presidents of the United States have tended to conduct their business from the Oval Office in the White House, Trump has only visited the building on a handful of occasions, preferring to spend the majority of his time on the Mar-a-Lago golf course, or in a building that has his name written on the side of it in giant gold lettering.

Following a decision to cancel a trip to the UK over what he claims was Obama’s ‘bad deal’ that saw the US embassy sold for ‘peanuts’ and a new one built at an inflated price even though that particular decision was made by George W. Bush before Obama entered office, Trump went one further and cancelled his trip to his ‘Washington office’, to the dismay of his White House staff.

“He says he’s not coming to the White House because of all the policies that the Obama administration implemented over their 8-year stay here” sighed one White House aide, taking down a string of bunting that read ‘Welcome Back, Mr. President’.

“In truth, just like the UK visit, we reckon he’s just scared to show up, in case he’s met with protests or he just can’t do the job he’s being asked to do. Which is, to be president. Look Donald, we didn’t ask you to be president. You put your name forward for it. Maybe show up once in a while”.

Meanwhile, Trump has insisted that the phrase ‘shithole countries’ does not mean that he thinks shithole countries are shithole countries, despite what the fake news media may have reported to the contrary.