World Secretly Rooting For North Korea On This One


WITH the threat of nuclear conflict between the United States and North Korea increasing following the latest bout of chest-bumping between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump, a new poll has shown that huge numbers of people are starting to really get behind the plucky little rogue state.

The David and Goliath saga took a fresh turn this week following months of silence, with North Korea premier Jong-Un stating that he keeps a nuclear button on his desk ‘at all times’ and current US President Trump replying that he too has a ‘much bigger and more powerful’ nuclear button, possibly while holding his crotch.

Although North Korea had faced international condemnation over its controversial nuclear missile program and ongoing Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) tests, opinion has begun to sway in favour of the underdog in its battle with the ‘increasingly patience-testing’ antics of President Trump.

“Last year, the thoughts of a North Korean ICBM with the capacity to reach Washington was terrifying,” said one US citizen.

“But now, it sounds like a pretty decent solution to our current president. I’m not sure that we as a nation can continue to allow this dangerous man to threaten our way of life for much longer. Trump promised to make America great again, and a North Korean nuke strike on the White House sounds like it could be just the thing to fulfil that promise”.

Meanwhile, nuclear scientists from around the world have contacted North Korea to see if they ‘need a hand with anything’.