Playstation 4 Christmas Present Finally Updated


A COUNTY Waterford teenager whose family home is dependent on rural broadband is to finally begin using his Playstation 4 Christmas present today after it finished updating itself, WWN has learned.

Jason Mackey, 14, had reportedly been waiting for 5 days for his console to catch up with its latest software update, before then realising the actual games had to update too.

“I fired it up at 9am Christmas Day morning,” the boy’s father, Dave Mackey, explained, “then this blue screen came on insisting that we had to update the Playstation, which took the best part of four days. Then when we thought we were in, the fucking bastarding cunt of a yoke said the games also needed to download stuff, 98 gigabytes of stuff,” adding, “whatever happened to buying a computer game and just playing it, huh? It’s backwards, we’re going”.

With download speeds barely reaching 2GB a day due to Ireland’s underpar broadband infrastructure, Jason is expected to download the rest of his game updates by Easter, insisting that he’s happy enough with the one game for now.

“At least I have one game updated now so that should keep me busy until the rest download…” Jason began, before the screen once again flashed a familiar colour blue, now forcing his previously updated game down to the bottom of the queue for an even newer update.

“Monopoly, anyone?”