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Sea Of Japan Finally Surrenders To North Korea

AFTER years of bombardment from North Korea, a spokesperson for the Sea of Japan has offered its surrender, calling for the rogue state to cease all missile strikes against the giant mass of seawater, WWN reports. Waving a large white flag from the depths of the ocean, the Sea of Japan stated that the ongoing… Read more »

Kim Jong Un Pictured In Good Health At Pyongyang Gym

IN AN attempt to dispel Western rumours reporting the death of the North Korean leader on Saturday night, WWN’s Asia correspondent Cathal Ryan flies to Pyongyang to chat with the world’s most revered political figures, Kim Jong Un. Arriving in the North Korean capital I was blown away by a 50,000 strong military parade in… Read more »

Kim Jong Un ‘Warming To US’ After CIA Chief Shows Sodomised Gaddafi Video

IN A complete turnaround from previous encounters,┬áCIA director Mike Pompeo somehow forged a “good relationship” with Kim Jong-un following a secret visit and a chat, WWN can confirm. Pompeo met the North Korean leader earlier this month to discuss possible direct talks between himself and Donald Trump over ongoing missile testing which defied international law…. Read more »

“So No Chance Of That Trip To North Korea Then, No?”

INDEPENDENT Alliance minister John Halligan has renewed calls for himself and four other TDs to visit North Korea on a peace mission, stating he “could do with the break from Irish politics right now”. The Minister of State’s request comes after recent revelations unearthed an inappropriate interview in which Mr. Halligan asked a female civil… Read more »