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Thousands Of Covid Cases Could Be Avoided By Giving Dublin Six-In-A-Row, Explains Dublin

WEEKS of uncertainty and a potential ‘landslide’ of case numbers, hospitalisations and deaths could all ‘simply disappear’ if Dublin were to be granted victory in the 2020 GAA Senior football championship, the nation has been informed. A spokesperson for the Dublin senior team has said they’re perfectly happy to invite county after county to the… Read more »

Tipp Girl Wearing County Jersey Everywhere

DETERMINED not to let the coronavirus pandemic come between her and her public adoration of her county team, Tipperary woman and die-hard supporter, Anne Phelan has vowed to proudly wear her Tipp jersey everywhere she goes. Despite all hurling fixtures being rescheduled for November, Phelan’s own biological GAA clock was hesitant to change, defiantly opting… Read more »

“You Had Me At Muslims”

LOCAL Patriot Dennis O’Mahon didn’t need to read past the ‘Muslim’ bit of the headline ‘Major Muslim Festival To Be Held In Croke Park’ to know that he’s deeply offended by such a notion, and that he will attend any protest rally against the proposed event held within two miles of his home that doesn’t… Read more »

The Untold Story Of Cork And The Confederate Flag

FOLLOWING a decree by Cork GAA to confiscate controversial ‘rebel’ flags carried by Cork supporters at the gates of football and hurling matches, people may be wondering how a small, insignificant county in the southwest of Ireland could possibly have links to the banner of the Confederate United States, who fought against the abolition of… Read more »

Here’s What Needs To Happen For GAA Games To Return

ALL AROUND Europe leading sporting bodies are tentatively exploring a return to staging sporting competitions, but how could the GAA ensure the All-Ireland Championships could get the go-ahead in the safest possible manner while adhering to current restrictions. WWN Sports spoke to a number of leading experts in the fields of virology and gaelic games… Read more »