Generous Waterford Chef Offers To Cook Limerick Hurlers Bat Soup Before All-Ireland For Free


IN YET another example showcasing how the trying year that is 2020 has brought the generous spirit out in so many people, one Waterford chef is to make the Limerick hurling panel a meal free of charge ahead of their All-Ireland final appearance on Sunday.

“It’s just a nice selfless gesture I suppose, I thought the last thing the team and their selectors want to be worrying about is cooking a big meal for everyone, it’s nice to do things for others purely out of the goodness of your own heart,” explained chef Alan Power, as he stirred a large pot of bat soup.

“They’ve their minds on winning their big final on Sunday, so it’s load off for them – having someone cook for them,” added Power, who just needed to know where the Limerick team where staying, what the security was like and is their a lock on the kitchen door in the hotel in order to deliver the soup.

Reasoning that the players were probably bored with the same rigid carb-counted meals, the bat soup which Power says is a perfectly safe delicacy from nowhere near the Wuhan region of China, could be a lovely treat.

“Oh God no, I haven’t tasted it myself – don’t get high on your on supply and all that, but trust me I’m a chef I know it’ll be key to our, I mean, their victory on Sunday”.

Elsewhere, An Post have asked Covid-19 positive Waterford natives to please stop trying to send their coughs in envelopes to the Limerick panel in the post.