Limerick Goal To Go On Display In The Louvre


AN UNPARALLELED piece of beautiful art that rivals anything in the Louvre, that’s how head curator of the esteemed Parisian museum described Kyle Hayes’ solo run goal in the Munster Hurling Final yesterday.

Taking up the spot previously occupied by the Mona Lisa, the goal will be displayed and played on a constant loop on a specially built 16k TV and is expected to be taken in by millions of visitors.

“That all important jink inside, Baryshnikov could not have done better,” said head curator at Louvre, Roland Flauvin, a single tear flowing down his cheek, “but more importantly Hayes barreling on through everyone and everything in his path like a fucking mad man, you love to see it”.

Hayes’ goal hasn’t been valued yet by art appraisers but judging by the sheer volume of Japanese tourists queuing to get selfies beside it, it will go on to generate the sort of price tag normally associated with a Van Gogh, Picasso or Monet.

“It has what all great art has; chaos and control, aggression and deftness, and of course leaving a keeper on his arse and making the Tipp defence look like a pack of useless gowls” added Flauvin in an unmistakably French accent, still marveling at the latest edition to the permanent collection.

Hayes’ stunning and captivating goal isn’t the only GAA piece to have gone on display in the Louvre, with the museum previously displaying a ‘Mayo for Sam’ flag as part of its exhibition on delusion.