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Reeling In The Years: The Real Story Of Nelly The Elephant 1924

Contrary to popular belief, Nellie the elephant did not voluntarily ‘say goodbye to the circus’. Nellie’s incontinence and frequent violent outbursts became increasingly difficult for the ageing circus staff to handle. After a brief visit to Waterford city, Duffy’s ringmaster Charles Duffy, Jr decided to take off in the early morning and leave the 42… Read more »

Reeling In The Years: Tramore 1923 – Boy Racers First Ever Cruise

Drifting, a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers causing loss of traction in the rear wheels while maintaining control, was first invented in 1923 by Tramore automobile enthusiast Thomas Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy, a fast food business owner from the town, first discovered the technique while driving on the local beach with his fiancée Martha The 22-year-old became a… Read more »

Reeling In The Years – 1918: The I.R.B Horse Drawn Missile Launchers.

During the ongoing struggle for independence, large numbers of specially trained palomino ponies were smuggled in from Libya to aid in the Irish Republican brotherhoods logistical weapons programme. The horse drawn launchers were cleverly disguised as vats of Downes’s No.9 whiskey, so as they could move easily from location to location without been detected by… Read more »

Reeling In The Years – The Ku Klux Karnival

The Waterford branch of the KKK originally erected the first ever Tramore amusement ride back in 1944. The ferris wheel was a huge attraction at the time and it was located right outside the train station for all visitors to see. Thousands of beach goers would ride the 50 foot ‘wheel of steel’ every summer… Read more »