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Babies Are Shit

NEWBORN babies have come under fire this week after a new study published by popular women’s magazine Mum2BĀ found them to be absolutely shit, and not of much use to anyone. The study found that babies aged from 0-12 months were practically useless as individuals, putting them in the same category as plankton and household dust… Read more »

World’s First Person Cured By Homeopathy

THE homeopathic community is celebrating a world’s first as Waterford woman Sharon Johns was successfully cured using natural remedies which made use of the body’s healing powers. Miss Johns, 34, had been suffering from an aggressive form of cough, but found the presence of the malignant affliction eradicated completely by sniffing a bit of lavender… Read more »

Women With Bodies At High Risk Of Getting Cancer

CUTTING edge research by the Institute of Research into Research Institutes has revealed that women with bodies are at a higher risk of getting cancer. Floating female orbs have breathed a sigh of relief at the news, but the latest research means women with bodies face yet more worry when it comes to a number… Read more »

Wicklow Field Infested With Dubliners In Mobile Homes

A FIELD adjacent to Wicklow’s beautiful Brittas Bay has become infested with Dubliners thanks to the seasonal migrations of the urban pest southwards, WWN can reveal. Enclosed in makeshift nests known as ‘mobile homes’, the Dubliner has become an increasingly familiar sight in these parts when temperatures increase incrementally as Ireland approaches the Summer months…. Read more »