This Woman Has A Tragic Illness Which Means She Grows Older & Older With Each Passing Day


THE world’s leading doctors are at a loss to explain one Irish woman’s disturbing and debilitating condition which sees her grow older and older with each passing day.

“It’s not something I would notice myself day to day, but then a year goes by and I have this skin which seems to sag or contract, and these really worrying lines appeared beside my eyes, so I went straight to the doctor,” Ciara Halfpenny explained to WWN.

Halfpenny, at 39, looks entirely normal from a distance, but were you to spend days, weeks, months and years in her close company, the Waterford woman has been known to transform in front of people’s eyes.

“Oh, it’s hideous, I worry for her. She’s morphing into this horrible decrepit creature and no doctor can tell us what the problem is, they don’t even have a name for the bloody thing,” Ciara’s concerned husband Alan told WWN.

While it is believed that Halfpenny isn’t the only person with this horrible condition, it has yet to be found in men, something which has puzzled doctors.

“When I look at Alan I see the beer belly, the bald patch and the grey hair. You know, Alan. But, when I cast my eyes over Ciara I feel sick to my stomach, this isn’t the patient I saw when she was in her 20s, the change is disturbing,” Ciara’s GP Morgan Caulfield explained to WWN.