Local Youth Will In No Way Ever Regret Tattoo On Neck


WATERFORD native Padraig Kennedy has proudly revealed his new tattoo; a huge skull with a flag bearing the name ‘Padraig Kennedy’, which starts at his Adam’s apple and goes all the way round to the back of his head.

Kennedy, 19, paid €350 to get the design done at his local tattoo parlour, and will in no way ever regret the decision throughout his professional or personal life.

“For what seems like my whole life, but may actually be only a few days, I’ve really wanted a huge neck tattoo,” said Kennedy, who currently holds no real interest in anything.

“So I got it done this morning. I got the skull cos it looks cool, and I got my name because it’s my name”.

“The placement on my neck was important to me, because what’s the use in getting a tattoo anywhere else? If I got it on my leg or my arm or my back, then you mightn’t see it. People would think ‘oh, look at that guy, with no tattoos’. Not now, they won’t”.

When asked if having a massive and quite awful looking tattoo on his neck is something that he might regret in later life, Kennedy was adamant that he had made the right decision.

“You know when you see pictures of yourself when you were younger and you think, Jesus, what was my hair like, or what was I wearing, why did I think that was cool?”, mused the youngster.

“Well, tattoo’s aren’t like that. If you don’t like your hair, you can get it cut, but with tattoos you have to be sure that you’ll never, ever regret them for as long as you live. I’m not some sort of idiot, like”.

Kennedy went on to further explain how he was using a tattoo design he chose out of a book as a way of expressing his individuality, which is seemingly more important than anything else.