Denis O’Brien Really Looking Forward To This New Health Service Model


THE OWNER of the Beacon Hospital, Denis O’Brien, is believed to be looking forward to the proposed new health service model put forward by Fine Gael which could see private firms brought in to takeover failing hospitals.

The minority government is said to be keen on putting in place a number of benchmarks and targets for the underfunded health sector in the hope private firms will swoop in and ultimately manage a number of health trusts for profit.

O’Brien spoke out recently against the suspension of water charges and the safeguarding of Irish Water as a semi-state body with little or no chance of it being made private, putting on record his regret that lucrative state contracts would be at a premium as a result.

“Well, this changes everything. The millions and millions we can make out this, this could be our next NAMA,” shared Desmond Moola, a business peer of O’Brien’s and a serial capitaliser on business opportunities.

“I was worried with the Irish Water wind down, I thought Fine Gael had fucked all of us over, but then this great news about farming out the nation’s health to private, for profit companies comes along. Someone has obviously had a word, I wish I could thank the person personally,” Moola added.

Many members of the public are begrudgingly accepting of a reformed health service, stating ‘it can hardly be any fucking worse than the HSE’.