Doctors Inform Woman That She May Be Terminally Single


A WATERFORD woman is currently coming to terms with the fact that she may be terminally single, after doctors told her that her situation “does not look good”.

Lisa Hannitt, 29, has gone without a boyfriend for nearly 10 years.

Under the advisement of her friends, all of which are married or in a long-term relationship, Hannitt agreed to “go get herself checked”.

Following a routine scan, doctors called the Dungarvan native and broke the news that she has an advanced case of being single, and that it may be terminal.

Hannitt went through several stages following the news, before settling on acceptance and agreeing with herself to not let the diagnosis effect her in any way, stating that the diagnosis was “not a death sentence”.

Despite her positive outlook on life, the bubbly Hannitt has admitted that her friends sometimes feel awkward around her, with many suggesting radical therapies such as Tinder or Plenty Of Fish to try and reverse the terminal singlehood.

“They’ll say ‘oh look, there’s a lad who works in my office and he’s single, you should get together'” said Lisa, who just wants to enjoy the time she has left as a single woman.

“I know they mean well, but when it’s your time to be single, you just have to accept that it’s your time. Nobody can really do anything about it. I get it a lot when I’m at events, like weddings or whatever. Everyone is lovely, but you’ll occasionally hear a murmur of ‘oh look at that poor girl, here on her own’… I just block it out, and take each day as it comes”.

Hannitt went on to describe how she keeps her mind from her terminal singledom with activities such as doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants.