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Ireland Flees To Gulf Of Mexico With European Bail Out Funds

INTERPOL has launched an investigation after the island of Ireland fled the west coast of Europe yesterday evening shortly after receiving a ‘considerable sum’ of money from the European Central Bank (ECB). Formed by large glaciers and a very harsh climate more than 10 thousand years ago, Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and the… Read more »

Machete Comforter™ Recalled Amid Fears Of Injuries

CHILDREN’S TOY STORE Smiths is recalling a ‘Baby Machete’ and has appealed to any parent or ‘child collector’ who has one to stop using it immediately after several safety incidents involving the popular Christmas gift were reported last week. Fears that children could suffer an injury to the face or or body arose after owners of… Read more »

Bob The Builder Files For Bankruptcy

BOB the builder, Britain’s fifth-largest home builder, filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors yesterday amid a national and local housing market that continues to stagnate. WWN has learned the building contractor owes creditors as much as €146m and hasn’t been able to renegotiate credit terms, according to documents filed in Manchester Circuit Court. Bankruptcy in… Read more »