Local Drug Dealer Running Out Of Small Talk


WATERFORD entrepreneur Darren Mathu was left reeling in awkward silence with customer David Laffins this afternoon following a brief transaction involving the trade of money for some drugs.

Mathu, who doesn’t like to raise suspicion by sitting into a customer’s car and getting straight out again, admitted to WWN to not knowing what to say to people in that situation, stating there is only so much small talk one can go through while performing a drug deal.

“We just kind of sat there looking at each other,” he recalled. “I asked him if he has seen the match yesterday and said he doesn’t follow sports. Like, who the fuck doesn’t watch sports? He basically just sat there like a dope twiddling with the bag of grass I gave him”.

The 27-year-old dealer said he sometimes wonders if it’s his tough outer demeanour that may be preventing customers from giving away too much about their personal lives.

“It’s not like I want to be on their Christmas card list or anything like,” he explained. “Just a bit of chat would be nice, ya know? Make it look like we’re friends talking normally in a car and not selling fucking drugs”.

Following his latest encounter, Darren group texted all of his customers asking them to be that little bit more chatty in future, and not to worry about him stabbing them to death or something as he’s ‘a nice guy at the back of it all’.