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“Easter Sunday Is Our Most Profitable Day,” Archbishop Slams 1916 Church Closures

A DUBLIN city archbishop has today slammed an Easter Sunday safety cordon put in place for 1916 commemorations, which will see six city centre churches closed on the most profitable day of the year. “This is the equivalent of shutting down Smyths during Christmas,” Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin Michael Jackson told WWN this… Read more »

“It’s Time You Lot Got Over This Whole 800 Years Thing” – Queen Elizabeth II

ONE gets it, it wasn’t the Empire’s finest 800 years, but honestly chill out WRITES Queen Elizabeth II One is hesitant in even constructing this correspondence, such is the feverish nationalism the Irish find themselves afflicted with these days, however, one feels the hour may have arrived in which you could just get over the… Read more »

1916 Commemorations Fail To Honour Liam Neeson

THE Government have been heavily criticised for failing to honour Irish Easter Rising hero Liam Neeson as part of this past weekend’s 1916 commemoration events. Opposition parties, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin took a rare moment out from trying to exploit the memories of the 1916 Rising for their own political gain to sign a… Read more »

Politicians Add 1916 Commemorations To List Of Things They’ll Ruin For Everyone Else

THE Irish people have reacted angrily at the political class and their insistence that they be allowed to ruin absolutely everything, including the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. While many members of the public foolishly thought all major political parties could reach a consensus on some level regarding the commemorations, their naive hope has… Read more »