Ireland Is Set To Vote On A New Flag, What Do You Make Of The Options


IN an effort to honour the fallen heroes of the 1916 Rising the Government has commissioned the search for a new national flag.

After careful consultation and a submission process shrouded in secrecy the public will finally be asked for their input, with an official public vote slotted in to take place in March, well before its grand unveiling at the April 24th State commemoration of the rebellion.

You can see the intriguing final five flags and decide which option you would like to go with:

1) Submitted by a Louth based artist who goes under the name G.A, the solid block of green is meant to celebrate Ireland’s proud Catholic and Republican history, as well as the artist’s particular disdain for Loyalist scum.


2) Many critics of this submission are unsure as to the point of this flag, as some speculate it’s a nice ‘fuck you’ to our previous occupiers as it ruins their flag, while others say it looks like we’re ‘a bunch of lick arses who can’t get over the Brits’. It’s double meaning makes it a worthy candidate.


3) The official submission from the current Government which seeks to highlight modern Ireland’s unique ability to house multinational tech and internet companies. This is the bookies’ current favourite.


4) Submissions were also sought from Ireland’s tax exile diaspora, and one Maltese resident commissioned this one of a kind flag. The only downside to choosing this option is that the submitter will retain all rights and global branding opportunities relating to the flag. It is rumoured he will charge the State €50 million a year to use it.


5) The flag has received huge support from the people of Cork thus far, with many citing its ‘Corkness’ as a huge plus point.