Calls For Peace As Israel V Hamas Conflict Escalates On Irish Twitter


HUNDREDS of egos have been injured and dozens more insulted as the Israel versus Hamas conflict spills over onto Irish Twitter, with calls now for peace echoing across the social media battleground.

Quickly parading their two cents on the platform, desperate Irish politicians, journalists and intellectual show boaters alike launched a scathing attack from both sides in a bid to justify the brutal inhumanity carried out by Israel and Hamas in Gaza over the weekend.

“Hamas attack was justified because of years of oppression,” several left wing TDs Tweeted from the comfort of their mobile phones while lying on the couch after Sunday dinner.

“Israel has no choice but to obliterate an entire nation of people for the recent attacks,” defended the more conservative account holders, “besides, Hamas murdering and kidnapping Israeli women and children from their homes is copyright infringement and they need to pay the price”.

Calls for ‘cop on’ were called in the later hours of Sunday evening as horrific images and videos from both sides quelled the battle, as the brutal harsh reality of war resurfaced online.

“Jesus Christ this is actually just awful no matter one side you’re on,” many agreed, now holding their own families a little tighter, “you can’t advocate this kind of behaviour in a supposedly modern age; how is any of this helping anyone – it is pure unadulterated barbarity”.

Meanwhile, the national and international media has urged everyone to stop comparing Ukraine to Palestine as they’re totally different conflicts and to just trust their pro-Israeli stance going forward, thanks.

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