Teenager Requires Emergency Surgery After Repeated Eye Rolls Leave Pupils Lodged In Back Of Head


THANKS to an accumulation of year’s worth of moods, tantrums, indifference and strops, 15-year-old Aoife Moran has developed a rare ocular condition, necessitating emergency surgery.

“I don’t know many times I told her not to roll her eyes at me, well now the little madam might finally listen to me,” said Aoife’s mother Tara, waiting in the reception of her local A&E department.

“But at the end of the day I’m her mum so I just want her to make a full recovery,” added Tara, which prompted her daughter to state that her mother was so embarrassing and cringe as it’s not like she is going to die or anything.

Aoife then asked her mother to sit somewhere else because she doesn’t want to be seen with her.

Unable to process any instruction to help around the house, nor a suggestion to take up some homework or an invitation to spend time with family without rolling her eyes skywards, Moran’s eyes now find themselves lodged, staring into the back of her eye sockets rendering her virtually blind.

“When I explained how long the surgery and recovery would take Aoife tutted loudly, and even though I no longer see her eyes I knew she was rolling them back further in her head. The irony is what was a 6-hour operation will now be 7 hours at least,” said Dr Noel Portlan.

‘Eye roll dislocation’ to give it the correct terminology is believe to affect just 92% of teenagers in Ireland.