Taxi Man Only Takes Cash & If Revenue Asks, He Doesn’t Drive A Taxi Either


A TAXI driver picking up a 1am fare on the outskirts of town has immediately set out his regulation-defying terms and conditions for taking a passenger from A to B.

“Cash only pal,” said taxi driver Noel Rodgers, his body language indicating the locks on the car doors would remain locked until the freezing Brian Hally gave at least of nod of understanding.

Responding to small talk about how long he has been a taxi driver and if he enjoys the job, Rodgers revealed further stipulations for completing the fare and dropping Hally to his home.

“Technically speaking I’m not a driver, you’re not in this car, and my name is a different fake one to the fake one I’ve already given you,” explained Rodgers, piercing a hole in the face of his customer with his eyes through the rear view mirror.

Rodgers was quick to add for the 12,305th customer in succession that it’s never been so quiet and there’s more money made by layabouts on the dole, whose lifestyle is paid for by the tax Rodgers is currently actively trying to avoid paying.

“As far as those fucking thieves in Revenue are concerned I’m a mirage, alright,” continued Rodgers, as Hally noticed for the first time that the metre in the car wasn’t on.

“Fair play to you, walking home on a night like all by yourself and from all the way back there. And you made great time too, that’ll be €10 and I’ve no change so you better the exact amount,” confirmed Rodgers.