Barbie Marketing Team Enter Woman’s Dream, Dye It Pink


THE MARKETING team behind promoting upcoming summer blockbuster movie ‘Barbie’ have continued their relentless push of the movie this time infiltrating local woman Catríona Hall’s dreams.

Fresh from a successful viral marketing caper which involved putting a real life Barbie Malibu Dream House up for rent on Airbnb, the marketing team are now burrowing their way into the brains of the movie’s core target demographic (women and gay men between the ages of 0-105) with subtle hints aimed at getting bums on seats in the cinema.

“Everything was pink, it was my house but it wasn’t my house, if you get me. Then they told me I couldn’t wake up until I signed a contract stipulating I would go see the movie, and then Margot Robbie started beating me with a pink baseball bat. Even my blood was pink,” Hall said, shortly after screaming herself awake.

Hall has now said she might go see the movie after all as she will need to save her money for therapy now.

“People have called it unethical but we just implanted thousands of women with Barbie branded brain chips which projects whatever dream advert we want directly into their brains,” explained marketing guru Barbara Kent.

Far from being promotion overkill other clever plans include Tayto special edition Ryan Gosling’s abs flavour, dying the moon pink and holding your family hostage and only setting them free once you’ve seen the movie.