Motivational Sayings To Get You Through The Day


WE’VE all had one of those days, and no matter how trivial or twee it may feel, sometimes a little motivational phrase can inspire you and turn around your day.

Try these nuggets of wisdom on for size:

Inform coworkers you have an identical twin, this will come in handy when you want to blame someone for a big fuck up in work.

If you shit in a drawer in your boss’s desk they’ll have no choice but to fire you and you’ll have tonnes of free time.

A broken clock is wrong the overwhelming majority of the time.

If Michael Flatley believes he’s an actor, then surely you can believe in yourself enough to get that Powerpoint presentation done.

It’s never too late too change the number of sick days on that doctor’s note to ’50’.

Maybe the office will burn down overnight.

Imagine not having crippling amounts of stress? Life would just be boring.

Admitting you have a problem is the fist step to spending more time than it’s worth on self-improvement.

Give up giving a shit about shits not giving a shit about you despite the fact you give substantial shits about them.

Failure IS an option.

That Instagram influencer dispensing life wisdom is probably miserable.

Maybe that friend will cancel those plans you have to meet up and you can just lie on the couch this evening and consume the same number of calories as a professional rugby team.