Breaking: Never Not Funny

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BREAKING news coming into Waterford Whispers News reveals that this will never not be funny.

Yes, experts concede, it does suggest we’ve failed to mature and grow as a nation – to be continuously deriving such pleasure from these things but it is undeniable, irrepressibly funny and that’s just a fact.

“Could I get my endorphins from something else like jumping on a rollercoaster? Sure but I’m not too proud to admit it’s at these times I’m at my most happiest in life,” confirmed one avid 56-years-of-hurt watcher.

Experts reveal that repeated playing of a video of ‘RTÉ man slipping on ice’ soundtracked to ‘the neeeeeeck of you’ directed by the ‘ah here leave it out’ lady couldn’t come close to matching the joyous belly-aching brought forth by an English exit from a major tournament.

“You can call it small minded and pathetic but I just call it hilarious, and if will continue to be hilarious from now until the end of time when climate change has increased water levels on we’re all drowning, but again that’ll be funny because some part of England will go first”.