Times The Excuse “Just Lads Letting Off Steam” Comes In Handy


ARE YOU A LAD? Are you in need of a fail proof excuse to get you out of some bother? Say no more, there really is no better phrase than ‘just lads letting off steam’, use it to defend yourself, your mates, your sons.

No matter the lad, no matter the situation you’re in the clear. Don’t believe us? Just look at all the scenarios which comes with the perfect escape hatch of ‘just lads letting off steam’. Lad away to your heart’s content:

1) Making a nuisance of himself by following women around a pub, nightclub, on their way home.

He’s a fucking gas divil all the same.

2) Shouting abuse at people on the street

Okay, he crossed a line but it’s only banter.

3) Drink driving

Let’s not all act like we’re saints alright.

4) Sending abusive texts to an Ex

Listen the lad has been under a lot of stress.

5) One punch

One incident out of fifty similar incidents shouldn’t ruin a man’s life. Well it ruined the lad who ended up hospital, but how else are ye to let off some steam.

6) Assassination of political leader in Central America

You’re entitled to have fun when on your holidays surely? When did that become a crime?