History Made As Free Lancer Paid On Time & In Full


THIS YEAR will largely be remembered for the historic instance of one free lance worker being paid on time and in full by the accounts department of a large business they were contracted by to carry out work.

“I don’t understand, I sent in the invoice with the PO number immediately but it says here you’ve paid me in full instead of making me hound you for 5 months?” confused and frustrated free lancer Elaine Lennon said down the phone to Neville Marketing & Branding.

“So what, am I just expected to sit here and accept I can now pay my bills and manage my income without any panic and worry. You’ve robbed me of the joy of sending 15 desperate, fake polite reminder emails to you which all go unacknowledged,” added Lennon.

Staff at Neville have refused to discuss why they are treating self-employed Lennon like a human being and what such action means for their business peers.

“You do realise if you pay people on time you’re seriously missing out on weeks and months of perverted joy at having this hold over someone as you deny them money that is rightfully theirs,” shared one payroll official in a company that always has the funds in their accounts to pay on time but just decides not to.

Meanwhile, free lancer Lennon has questioned whether she has the fortitude and heart for remaining self-employed if this trend of companies being sound continues to grow.