Call Centre Finally Cracks How To Deal With High Volume Of Unexpected Calls


CUSTOMER service teams representing some of the largest corporations in the world have sought the wisdom and knowledge of one Waterford call centre after it defied the limits of time and technology by discovering how to deal with an unexpectedly high volume of calls.

“Hang on, give me a chance to write all this down,” said one customer service department belonging to a TV and internet service provider as staff at Noflin Comms call centre detailed how it stumbled upon an evolutionary step in customer service technology.

“You know the way we’ve been experiencing ‘unexpected high volume of calls’ for about two years straight now, day in day out,” explained NC team leader Dave Shelton, “well, we realised that when you hire more staff and don’t just stick people on hold to the point of driving them insane you can actually process and complete more queries,” Shelton explained, giving away game changing information completely free of charge like an idiot.

“Sorry repeat that,” said one Eir customer service rep before they dropped their own call suddenly after keeping Shelton on hold for 45 minutes.

Philosophers have long pondered the question of whether high volumes of calls can be ‘unexpected’ when a business claims to be on the receiving end of them for the last decade, but Noflin Comms seem to have forged the path ahead paving the way for a revolution in customer satisfaction.

“We also discovered that when you say ‘yes, I’ll put you through to that department now’, you don’t actually have to drop the call entirely. We found a button on our interface that apparently genuinely puts people through, mad, isn’t it?” concluded Shelton, surely in line for a Nobel Peace Prize.