Only Kid Not To Get Covid Feeling Pretty Left Out


“GO play with your perfect immune system if you love it that much!’ is just one of the insults Waterford kid Daniel Farragher gets hurled at him every day on the playground, as he continues to be the only kid in his school not to have contracted covid-19 over the last two years.

“I hear Covid only infects cool kids, which is why you didn’t get it!” is yet another insult the healthy 9-year-old has to endure, as the merciless bullies in St. Angela Of The Eroded Septum NS, according to Farragher’s mam Deirdre.

“Every day he comes back with tears in his eyes over the taunts he receives from the other kids,” said Deirdre, who thought she was doing what was best for her son by teaching him to keep his hands clean, maintain social distancing and othewise stay safe and healthy.

“He’ll say to us, ‘how come every other boy or girl got infected by Omicron and I didn’t, what’s wrong with me?’. What can I say to that? ‘Oh, we recognised the government were lying when they said schools were safe, and that the actual policy wasn’t ‘keep kids healthy’, it was ‘let Omicron run rampant through schools and it probably won’t kill that many, whatever happens, happens’. And now he’s getting ‘strong lungs’ in the playground. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare”.

Although young Farragher does have to endure a lot of bullying from his fellow classmates, he can console himself with the fact that he now comes first in every race on sports day.