Storm Barra ‘Welcome Change’ To Recent Bad News


THE battering of the west coast by Storm Barra has been met with praise by journalists across the country, who had grown weary of constant stories about Covid, new variants, restrictions and all that jazz.

“Power outages! Oh, how I’ve prayed for power outages!” said one of our fellow members of the Irish Brotherhood Of Journalists, as Storm Barra mercifully rained non-Covid headlines down on the country.

“This is Cathal Merriman, reporting live from Salthill, yeehooo!” read a drenched member of the TG4 news team on the west coast, making his first non-NPHET emergency meeting news broadcast in almost a year.

“I can’t wait to be pushed through the flooded streets of a town in the midlands in a dinghy by a farmer wearing waders” smiled Ethel Carson, RTÉ’s stand-in correspondent for when the ‘main team’ don’t feel like a long drive.

Elsewhere, even the citizens of Ireland expressed their gratitude to the Gods of news for sending them something tangible, something they understood, something that didn’t have a politician attached to it.

“If I’d heard one more politician give the same damn ‘we are where we are’ speech about Covid restrictions, I was going to scream”, one WWN reader told us.

“But with a storm, you know what you’re getting. It’s wind and rain and trees falling and waves and flooding and wet culchies. It sucks and I hope everyone is okay, but fuck me it beats seeing graphs every damn day”.

The nation has pleaded with the media to ‘keep up the good work with the bad news’ and stay away from Covid stories, adding that there’s plenty of doom and gloom around the nation if they just go looking for it.