Loophole Allows Travel To Ireland Without Negative Covid Test If Passport Lad Thinks You Look Sound


PEOPLE arriving to Ireland from this weekend will have to present a negative Covid test on arrival, unless they know someone who works in the airport or just have ‘an honest look about them’.

The scheme will irritate some travellers who have paid through the nose for a test up the nose, but will be a welcome relief to anyone who travelled without a test because they thought ‘it would be grand’.

“I’d kinda hoped the approach to the travel restrictions would be very Irish, and luckily for us it was” sighed one relieved passenger, due to fly into Ireland from South Africa on Monday.

“An air of soundness has gotten me everywhere in life. Job interviews, past nightclub bouncers, waved on at Garda checkpoints if I haven’t too much drink taken. And now it’ll hopefully get me past the passport lad in the airport without any of that 48 hours or 72 hours PCR or Antigen test malarky. Which is good, because I did my very best to understand those rules and it was impossible. So it’s good to know a bit of craic and a jokey offer of a bite of my big Toblerone will see me coast into the country unhassled”.

The news has come as a disappointment to inbound passengers who are not sound, although a quick show of hands has shown that we probably don’t want them in the country if they’re not a bit of craic in the first place.