Appeal Made For Whereabouts Of Missing Minister For Education


WITH news that student teachers are to be drafted in to fill teaching shortages and will of course not be paid for the privilege, question are being asked about the whereabouts of missing Minister for Education Norma Foley once again.

While all reports of a missing person are concerning this particular case is more troubling as Ireland has been without a Minister of Education since Foley’s disappearance the day after she took office in June 2020.

“We’ve heard Department of Education officials and the Taoiseach insist the minister is in work, but it’s just not possible, her continued mysterious absence can be the only explanation for no actions taken on all pressing issues,” offered educators and parents of school-aged children.

“We’re not mad, we’re not angry, we just want to know you’re safe,” added educators and parents, who were both mad and angry but look it you have to say these things to get people to show their face again.

The matter is further complicated by claims an imposter has tried several times to pose as the minister and say outlandish things like ‘schools are low transmission for Covid’ and ‘natural ventilation is best’ when asked about the possibility of putting in effective air filtration systems.

Meanwhile, a number of teachers waiting several weeks for antigen tests have frozen to death in a class room after implementing the ‘natural ventilation is best’ strategy. Any pupils affected are not expected to be listed as close contacts.

If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Norma Foley, please contact your local school.