Booster Booking System Found To Be Single Ticket Machine In Leitrim


FOLLOWING complaints up and down the country regarding the booking of booster jabs for the over 50s, the HSE has since apologised for the mix up, citing a lack of communication as to how to register for the jab.

“We simply forgot to mention that the machine for booking the booster jab is located in an old health board office in Leitrim,” read a statement issued today, “our website has now been updated, so if everyone can please go and get their tickets there and wait, that would be swell”.

The HSE has also apologised to people waiting to complain as phone lines were jammed with HSE employees ringing radio station competition lines in an attempt to win Garth Brooks tickets.

“We know it doesn’t look good, but those tickets will be gone in a heartbeat tomorrow morning,” the statement continued.

People were initially blamed by health officials for not turning up for their 3rd vaccine in just 8 months, however, reports of people being unable to change appointments quickly surfaced on social media, leaving an already red faced HSE, now purple.

“We’re really sorry for whatever it is this time,” an automated HSE apology generator emitted today, its twelfth such auto-apology this week.

Encouraging the booster rollout, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar and head of government shit-stirring has the Covid jab is likely to be a ‘three course’ vaccine, not ruling out a 4th or even daily course if cases continue.

“You know what they say, a vaccine a day keeps the ICU bed away,” Varadkar concluded.

UPDATE: The HSE has issued a new apology for the Leitrim based ticket dispenser already running out of tickets.