Couple Pretty Happy With €5k Value Of Home For Property Tax Purposes


WITH the deadline for submitting the valuation of your home for local property tax, one Waterford couple have confirmed they’re happy with their €5k valuation of their home, WWN has learned.

The McArdles, with bills coming out their eyeballs and Christmas around the corner and then sure there’s January, always a tough month, confirmed that the self-assessment is honest in nature and a true reflection of the property’s value.

“Ah we wish it was more honestly, but with them fireworks going off around Halloween and the smell coming from the house across the way, you wouldn’t get more than €5k for this shit heap,” confirmed the McArdles, Andrea and Brian, owners of a 5-bed in a prime location.

“Honestly, it’s falling apart,” added Brian kicking the perfectly solid wall for effect.

“Now I wish we were in the €350k range, would love nothing more than having to fork out another 405 quid for something but we’d just be being dishonest then,” added Andrea, actively looking for ways to decrease the value of her house as she smashed a window.

The McArdles are believed just one of many homeowners struggling with cost of living as petrol, energy and food prices creep skywards and the LPT deadline coming at an awkward time.

“Kids, remember when Mammy said if you draw on the walls I’d chop off your hands and scoop your eyeballs out with spoon and fed them to the dog? Well forget all that and get colouring,” added a desperate Andrea, as Brian revved the engine of the family car which is due the fecking NCT and insurance renewal at a wall of their spacious garage.