Was Simon Harris Right To Dab During Meeting With Ursula Von Der Leyen?


PARTAKING in his first engagements in Brussels in his role as Taoiseach, Simon Harris received some criticism for trying to lead the charge in building consensus among EU nations on recognising the state of Palestine, and additional criticism for dabbing in a meeting with Ursula von der Leyen.

“Call it youthful exuberance or what have you. I knew we shouldn’t have let him wolf into the Skittles on the flight over but you live and learn,” said one of Harris’s 104 new PR handlers, “I think we got away with it though as Ursula thought he was just some interrailing student who got lost and wandered into the room”.

Possibly realising that many EU leaders lack the empathy to acknowledge the horrors unfolding in Gaza, Harris appealed to their egos instead in trying to secure support.

“No cap, think about, doing a ‘Dab for Gaza’ trend would do big numbers on Tiktok, and T-Swift’s music is back on there now. We find the perfect song of hers to go over a video of me is peak rizz, and then ooh baby it’s going to be raining likes,” offered Harris to a bewildered von der Leyen, who Harris then labeled ‘mid at best’.

Today Harris will meet the Spanish PM in Dublin for further discussions of recognising Palestine.

“Some people may call me a hero, and if potentially recognising Palestinian statehood a full 10 years after the bill calling for recognition passed the Oireachtas but was ignored by my party means I’m a hero, so be it,” added Harris when asked by the media about his first visit to Brussels.

Was the Taoiseach right to dab during the meeting?

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