Pros & Cons Of The EU’s New Asylum & Migration Pact


IN CONTRAST to the protests and demonstrations in Brussels after MEPs voted through a new asylum seeker and migration pact which had been negotiated on for the last 8 years, other were celebrating EU member states finally agreeing on how deal with migration.

Weighing up the proposals which include speeding up decisions on claims made by asylum seekers and ensuring all countries share responsibility for asylum applications:

Pro: MEPs got to claim some travel expenses for the vote.

Con: A large percentage of Europeans actually asked for a ceasefire in Gaza but okay.

Pro: You can ignore the human suffering which is a cornerstone of western prosperity for a little longer.

Con: This will further erode the human rights of those seeking refuge which aren’t currently being enforced in the first place.

Pro: If you’re sufficiently naive you’ll blissfully believe this will reduce the number of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean, a number that stands at 30,000 over the last 10 years.

Con: You’ll vomit in your mouth a little if you catch sight of Ursula von der Leyen saying this pact protects vulnerable people.

Pro: Instead of having your tax go to paying Irish hoteliers to house asylum seekers because the government hasn’t bothered to create purpose built asylum centres, your tax money can now go to paying an African dictator or two to police the EU’s borders and imprison and torture refugees.

Con: Your far-right uncle thinks this pact which has been criticised by every refugee NGO across Europe for being inhumane and a backwards step is in fact a secret plan enacted by NGOs to flood Gort with 40 million unvetted males.

Pro: Irish media outlets bored of running stories claiming ‘it costs Ireland €3 trillion a second to house asylum seekers’ can now change their claims to ‘Outrageous Government using taxpayers money to pay EU so they don’t have to take more asylum seekers’.

Pro: That lovely holiday to Greece you have planned stands less chance of leaving a bitter taste in the mouth.

Con: This won’t stop Tommy Robinson crossing the Irish sea to meet up with members of the Irish far-right.