Local Man Embraces Warm Familiar Feeling Of Having No Memory Of Weekend Session


HIS thoughts cloaked in a persistently murky and dark cloud, circling a nonstop parade of negative thoughts, one local man is said to delighted to be enveloped in a full blown episode of the crippling ‘fear’ after a weekend of late night sessions which he has been largely robbed of these past 19 months.

“Two nights in clubs, day drinking, house parties, I’m in an absolutely rotten state and if I shared the fear-induced thoughts I’m having at this very moment you’d have me locked up. Jaysus, I’ve missed this,” explained Cormac Deflon, making the most of things now nightclubs are back up and running.

Normally deeply unsettled by his deeply unsettled thoughts which arise every time he does the dog on it, Deflon is instead approaching all this crippling negativity with a positive attitude.

“I could curl up here on the couch in a ball and curse myself for going absolutely mad on the drink, knowing full well it doesn’t sit right with me from a mental health point of view or I can just be thankful I can just enjoy and appreciate a proper dose of the fear now things are properly back open,” Deflon mused.

“It was that bit harder to put your body through hell when everything closed at 11, but now thankfully I’ve the shits, a worrying pain in my liver and I’ve being staring at pictures of my ex for the last hour – ah the fear… it’s magic!” Deflon declared, sobbing to himself.

“I’ll never take that suffocating feeling for granted again, you know the one where think you might have made a complete tit of yourself last night but having no memory of it,” concluded the 26-year-old, so panicked he dare not look at the WhatsApps flooding into his phone.