Irish Subscription Service OnlyMams Hits 1 Million Users


THE IN DEMAND subscription service which only Mams upload exclusive content to supporters and subscribers on has racked up its 1 millionth user, representing a huge success for a platform which was only established earlier this year.

“I was facing just living off the State pension but now I’m making nearly 6 figure sums each month off these Mam fans, it’s changed my life,” says OnlyMams content creator 7UP-69.

Spotting a gap in the market OnlyMams has proved especially popular with Irish men who can’t get enough of Mam-centric content. The founder of the site, septuagenarian Fidelma Mullivan, predicts the platform will only grow and grow.

“Young men and some women in search of Mam-content get what they want on OnlyMams – soda bread recipes, passive aggressive comments, ‘golden child’ compliments, old wives cures for that rash on your arm, the hole in your socks sewed, it’s all there,” explained Mullivan.

“It’s great, I follow a mam who goes by WhatDidYourLastSlaveDieOf,” said one young Irish man who pays €8.99 a month for videos and pictures, “sure there’s loads of website that give away Mams for free, but I like that I can build a relationship with an OnlyMam and that she’s in control of her output, it’s less exploitative then the content uploaded online by Mams’ kids without their consent”.

“Look it, OnlyMams fills that gap in many people lives who want an idealised version of an Irish mam, and there’s nothing wrong with that, don’t be shaming anyone,” concluded Mullivan before going live on OnlyMams for a bespoke video for a follower looking to be badgered into opening a Credit Union savings account.