Watershed Moment As Local Dad Finds Female Comedian Funny


A REMARKABLE moment which flies in the face of the long held beliefs of local father Ernie McAfee has sent shockwaves through the McAfee household, WWN can reveal.

“And I wouldn’t normally have that channel on love, but she got a good few laughs out of me, just ask your mother,” confirmed McAfee to his daughter Jessica in a phone call prompted by the unlikely occurrence of the 61-year-old actually finding a female comedian funny.

“And by female comedian dad, you mean ‘comedian’,” stressed Jessica some 12 minutes into listening to her genuinely shocked father recount the unlikely scenario like it was a once in a millennium celestial event.

“Now, it’s no surprise she has some wit, what with a face you’d wouldn’t normally see on TV if you get me. What do you mean I’m not allowed say that? Sure didn’t get she make a joke about it? And she wasn’t just making female jokes, there were some in their about politics too, which I wasn’t a fan of now I have to say,” continued McAfee, who would ring daughters number two and three once he’d finished explaining it all to Jessica.

“I found a video of her too on the YouTube, I was nearly going to send it on to your uncle John but you know what he’s like not as open minded as myself,” added McAfee, continued the one-sided conversation.

“I’ll stop ya now love, no point listing off other women comediennes, I think this was just one of those one-off freak occurrences,” concluded McAfee.