NASA Accused Of Using Drone To Perv On Mars


PERVERTS working at NASA have today been slammed for using a drone to stalk the red planet, WWN has learned.

The criticism comes as researchers and scientists working for the US space agency flew a helicopter for the first time ever on another planet, without apparently any concern for its privacy.

“We’re guessing they don’t have a Martian based licence to fly the drones either,” mused one commentator put.

The voyeuristic nature of the unmanned vehicle has garnered global attention today as the small robotic helicopter named Ingenuity lifted off the surface of Mars and hovered in the wispy air of the red planet for several seconds, capturing raw images of the planets red surface.

“It’s just wrong if you ask me,” voiced Tom Tobin, a local leader of an anti-pervert drone movement who witnessed today’s live feed celebrations in NASA, “these twisted monsters are cheering and getting off on probing Mars – they should be ashamed of themselves the way they’re carrying on”.

It is unclear what kind of kicks staff at NASA have been getting from peering at Mars, but experts believe the scientists will probably get even more turned on by the drone’s images as they begin transmitting back to Earth.

“God knows what kind of depraved filth they’ll get up to tonight while looking at these new drone images,” Tobin said before concluding, “whatever it is I’m sure it will be downright debaucherous, the sick bastards”.