From Madonna To Mussolini: Places Tubs Of Sudocrem Have Shown Up


IT’S not just for babies arses, spotty teenagers or the chafed thighs of people after their first spinning class; Irish miracle cure Sudocrem has been a worldwide sensation in the battle against soreness since its inception in 1931.

Showing up everywhere from the background of an erotic selfie by Madonna to a sarcastic protest sign held by a jubilant Italian in the background of a photograph depicting the public display of hated dictator Benito Mussolini’s corpse (with a caption reading ‘anche questo non può salvarti ora‘- ‘even this cannot save you now’), the topical ointment has appeared in many of the world’s most iconic images. Such as:

1) The moon landing

Who knew what awaited mankind on the moon? NASA played it safe and sent a travel-sized tub of Sudocrem up with the Apollo 11 crew. ‘It was great for helmet rash’ said Buzz Aldrin, most likely talking about the helmet on his head.

2) John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Infamously protesting against the Vietnam War by lying in bed for a week, the Beatle and his wife were pictured with a familiar grey-and-red tub of faithful Sudocrem beside them. ‘It’s a very spiritual substance’, Lennon was known to remark, particularly on one of The Beatle’s trips to India when the food didn’t agree with him.

3) Pope John Paul II

Ireland’s favourite pope JP2 is said to have become addicted to the healing properties of Sudocrem during his visit to the Emerald Isle in 1979. ‘It’s like Lourdes in a tub’, the Pontiff claimed.

4) Michael Jackon

Jackson’s change in skin tone over the years was attributed to a skin disease called vitiligo, but a closer look at a shelf behind him during his infamous 2003 interview with Martin Bashir shows another possible culprit.