America Returning To Normality With Regular Mass Shootings


EAGER to make up for lost time, the United States has seen seven mass shooting incidents in the last seven days, with experts suggesting that the increase in violence marks a return to normality following a year of Covid-19 lockdowns.

From an incident in Atlanta where 8 people lost their lives last week to a shooting in Colorado where 10 people were gunned down yesterday, many believe that the USA is on track to be back to its normal old self before the summer, as more and more places open up, offering more targets to disturbed human beings with access to lethal weaponry.

“Life finds a way” mused one statistician in the states this morning, before adding “to end other lives”.

“Here in America, we’ve been robbed of our way of life for over a year now. And while there have been mass shootings during that time, it didn’t feel the same. There wasn’t the same media attention, as we had the pandemic and the election and there’s only so much that a nation has the capacity to absorb in any given news cycle. And while we mourn the loss of the people who were gunned down in the last 7 days, we also welcome a return to ‘breaking news’ stories about shooting incidents. It just feels like home”.

The mass shootings in the last week have also given new president Joe Biden an opportunity to offer ‘thoughts and prayers’ for the first time in his term, as well as the chance to offer a range of solutions that he did not implement during his 8 years in the Obama administration, and is unlikely to implement now even with shared control of the Senate.