Have You Been Conned By A Pyramid Scheme? Find Out What You Can Do Now By Investing €150 Here


WWN has learned of the existence of an online pyramid-style scam that has already conned hundreds of people out of their money, and we’d like to present an opportunity for anyone affected to make their cash back simply by signing up for our hexagonal scheme.

“I had no idea that I was being scammed, I just saw an opportunity to make shitload of easy, free money and started throwing cash at it” said one man, who lost €150 on the recent ‘flower petal’ scheme that circulated on social media.

“I’d heard about pyramid schemes; hell, I lost a grand on one in the 90s. But this wasn’t a pyramid, you see. It was more of a flower/leaf structure, not a pyramid at all. Anyways after a month I’d made nothing back and when I contacted the person I’d given my money to, they had to be rushed to hospital because they were laughing so much”.

“I wouldn’t say I was greedy, or stupid. I just wanted a load of money without doing any work, and thought sending it to randomers on Facebook was a reasonable way to go about it”, he added.

In the wake of hundreds of stories like this one, WWN’s can’t-lose system of collecting 150 quid from anyone who was duped the first time around will ensure everyone is happy at the end of the day.

“I’ve already been dicked over by the flower scheme, but as WWN explained there’s no legal way a person can be scammed twice in a calendar year, so I’m grand here” said a Waterford woman, while putting 150 euro in tenners into a brown envelope and posting it to our offices.

Meanwhile radio DJs have expressed delight at the return of pyramid schemes, as it’s “like a day off for them” when it comes to organising shows filled with angry callers who have succumbed to the scams.