Common Misconceptions About Irish Men


HELD BACK and undermined by unhelpful and damaging stereotypes which aren’t remotely true, WWN clears up some common misconceptions about Irish men, finally putting some myths to rest:

Irish men are not romantic. This couldn’t be further from the truth, Irish men are so romantic that they would never risk reducing the romance in their relationship by unloading their emotions, problems and hang ups on their partners, they instead share this information with their mistresses.

Irish men are untidy. That’s not true they were just about to clean up the thing you asked them to clean up 50 times already, but you’re after cleaning it up, so they can hardly clean it up now, can they? Sake.

Irish men maintain a poor standard of personal hygiene. Simply not true. And any possible stench is hidden beneath so many pungent layers of Lynx Africa you could never possibly attempt to correctly smell or identify any other odour.

Irish men are ugly. Again, this is simply not true; they are only as unattractive as the high level of sobriety the person looking at them with possesses.

Irish men are stubborn or argumentative. Irish men, generous with their time, are happy to convince you this simply isn’t true in a debate which could last for hours, and slowly make you lose the will to live. And if you’re still not convinced they’re not argumentative, they’ve another hundred different ways of explaining it to you again.

Irish men are emotionally stunted. This is not true, great strides have been made in recent years in terms of men being able to share their feelings and know that is it not emasculating to be vulnerable and empathetic. Thusly, any Irish man reluctant to talk about their emotions is just a stuck up prick who thinks he’s better than everyone else. Who was it you were talking to, Eoin? Typical, thinks-he’s-better-than-us asshole.

Irish men are actually among the most sought after by women around the world. This was a rumour started by Irish men which never took off.

Irish men dress terribly. This is somewhat true, but this is because Irish women, who have terrible fashion sense, insist on dressing Irish men and picking their outfits.