Local Man Bored, Will Probably Head To Hospital And Make A Few Conspiracy Videos Or Something


“AS you can see, in our supposedly over-run hospitals, there are hardly any people in the waiting room” said Waterford dose Peter McGlynn on his live Facebook feed from inside University Hospital Waterford this afternoon, because it was either this or sit at home staring at the walls again.

“Let’s just ask this woman here what the story is, to see if she’s with us or with the global cabal of liars and charlatans who are perpetrating this hoax on us” he added, heading over to harass a doctor who seemed to be far too busy for this nonsense.

McGlynn, thankful of the pandemic as it’s ‘really given him something to do over the last few years’, sees himself as one of Waterford’s truest crusaders for justice and morality; on the days when he doesn’t have anything better to do, or when he’s not hungover.

“A lot of people would never dream of going into a hospital at any time, let alone during a pandemic, and hurling abuse at doctors. But I assure you, it’s great craic and gets you loads of friends on Facebook” McGlynn told us, taking a break from ‘reporting’ to have a coffee and a scone.

“Truth never sleeps. Well, except for weekends or when there’s football on. But when there’s nothing else to be doing and you have a whole day to fill, all you need is a phone and whatever comes to mind. It’s really something”.

Taking a break from hassling medical staff, McGlynn headed off in his car to livestream himself telling guards at checkpoints about the constitution, just to fill time until his dinner.