‘Ireland AM’ Found To Be Squatting & Filming In Dublin Home For Years


AN IRATE Irish man, returning to his home after several years living in Australia was said to be shocked and angered to discover Virgin Media’s flagship morning show Ireland AM has been claiming squatters rights and filming their show in his home.

Simon McCormack (41) tried to gain entry into his home, which he believed to be unoccupied, only to find the locks changed and Alan Hughes interviewing someone in his living room complete with a full TV crew.

“I started watching episodes back on the player, I was like ‘that’s my fucking furniture!’, and Jesus all the cooking segments, they were destroying my poor hob, not a notion about cleaning up after themselves either,” an angry McCormack shared.

“I was knocking on the door and shouting, but in fairness, ever the professionals, Karen Koster just keep presenting the show – it was a segment about bikinis for dogs or something. I tried to get in by climbing up a pipe to an open bedroom window, but the pricks were filming their Champion’s League stuff in there too,” a distraught McCormack explained.

It’s not clear how long Virgin Media have been filming flagship shows in McCormack’s house, but judging by the fully functioning canteen present in the box room, it may have been from the very day McCormack moved over to Australia several years ago.

“Is squatting in someone’s home and using their garden, sitting room and kitchen as TV sets cheaper than paying for a TV studio? Yes. Are we sorry we’ve inconvenienced the owner? Look, we saw an opportunity and we don’t regret it,” explained one producer, as she used a sweeping brush to hit McCormack’s hand as he attempted to open the front door by reaching through the letter box.