Gardaí Meet RTÉ Stars Over Social Distancing Controversy, Get Selfies


THE ongoing row surrounding an RTÉ event where social distancing guidelines were breached has birthed a second, even more aggravating row after a team of guards sent to sort out the matter were themselves pictured posing for snaps with their favourite radio and TV presenters.

“Big fan” said one maskless guard, draping his arm around Miriam O’Callaghan while one of his co-guards struggled to get them both into frame with the RTÉ logo in the background.

“Could you make it out to ‘a real Six-One of a Mother’,” asked another guard of Bryan Dobson, getting an autograph for his Mam.

As anger about the guards mixing with RTÉ stars without a care for Covid guidelines grew on social media, a second team of police was dispatched to Donnybrook, resulting in much the same outcome.

“The alluring star power at RTÉ has proven to be too much for the weak-minded young culchies that we sent out to chastise them” sighed a spokesperson for An Garda Síochána, shaking their head as an image appeared on Instagram of four guards in a row holding a laid-out Jennifer Zamperelli in their arms.

“We’ve got forty cops out there, supposedly on a mission to bring Dee Forbes to task for allowing breaches of Covid etiquette on her watch at that going-away do last week, and each one is succumbing to the lure of a bit of craic with the girl who does Winning Streak”.

Will RTÉ face repercussions for the breach? Tune in to RTÉ to find out.