Unemployed? Here’s How To Get A Job According To A Lad Who Works For His Dad


GIVEN THE current job climate it’s never been more important to take any advice you can get on how to land that next job and today WWN hears from employment expert Joshua Daly, currently employed by his father.

“Unemployment is a state of mind at the end of the day.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, you don’t have to be poor – it’s a choice. Look at me, I could have been poor, but I made the choice to accept my dad’s offer of a high 5-figure salary.

And before you have a go and spout off your unfiltered raging jealousy, I got my job on merit when I dropped out of college in first year without any relevant experience, and Dad’s mate in the guards tidied up all that ‘unpleasantness’ from that college party.

Dress for the job you want, not the one you don’t have. Take me for example, I could have just gone on the dole like a pathetic person, but instead I let my dad give me a job after weeks of my mother crying and begging him to do it.

It’s really that easy, and you haven’t done what I’ve done, chances are you’re lazy and you’re wrongly blaming others for your predicament and not taking responsibility.

Taking responsibility is huge, I should know, if I didn’t pay the cleaner’s son for a clean piss sample I’d have to serve out the suspended sentence for that other thing my dad’s mate in the guards couldn’t tidy up.

Get out your phone and just get in touch with whatever family member is independently wealthy and can afford to take on some dead weight that adds absolutely nothing to the company.

Or do like my mate Roggo and just get a friend who is already in the company to hire you over much more qualified candidates.

And fucking quit it with the ‘my whole industry has been decimated’ sob story, Jesus, you lot want something for nothing don’t you? You should have thought about your career choice properly years ago and accounted for a pandemic and AI revolution occurring at some point.”