Corrupt Gardaí Claim They Were Rehearsing For Community Play Version Of ‘Line Of Duty’


MUNSTER based Gardaí suspended from duty on suspicion of corruption have claimed that they were merely practicing for their local amateur dramatics society’s staging of a play version of popular bent coppers drama ‘Line of Duty’, WWN understands.

The perfectly innocent explanations have resulted in the extensive investigations carried out by Special Crime Operations (SCO), and involving personnel attached to the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (GNBCI) being labeled ‘pointless’ and a ‘waste of taxpayer’s money’.

“Oh, you thought we were being serious? Hashtag laugh out loud, crying face with laughter emoji, no; we were rehearsing for a play,” one allegedly corrupt garda said of evidence pointing to collusion with a local drug gang in the Munster area.

“No, myself and the lads were doing the Thandie Newton monologue from series 4, have you seen Line of Duty? It’s class,” offered another officer, who couldn’t explain why the ‘scenes’ they were rehearsing took place over a number of years and only featured the ‘bent coppers’ engaged in corruption and no one playing the roles of the anti-corruption AC-12 officers.

Now breaking out in a song and dance routine that was clearly being made up on the spot, the officers said their stage version of ‘Line of Duty’ would be a musical.

“See look we’re dancing, we’re keen to replicate the success of the Broadway adaption of Legally Blonde by adding musical numbers,” said another officer who must think we floated up in the Lagan in a bubble!

Elsewhere, one local man Trevor Cannons has claimed that the suspension of eight gardaí in relation to allegations of corruption finally proves beyond all doubt that he was ‘framed’ back in 2013 when he was caught doing 143kmpr on the M50 while drunk out of his mind.